Out of Body Experience, Simply Hallucinations or Real Happening?

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Since centuries ago, there has been no scientific evidence that one can experience Astral Projection or out-of-body experience or experience like leaving the body itself. This may be related to medical conditions called dissociative identity disorders such as double personality or epilepsy.

Sometimes, the sensation of out-of-body experience (OBE) is also felt by someone when experiencing something that almost killed him or near-death experience. For example, when injured or electrically sealed.

Characteristics of experience out-of-body experience

For those who have never experienced an out-of-body experience, may wonder what a perceived sensation is like. According to those who have experienced it, the perceived thing is:
  • A floating feeling out of your own body
  • Perspectives differ when viewing the world, such as from altitude
  • Feeling a view of your own body from altitude
  • Feeling what is happening is really real
Some above traits can certainly differ between one person and another. It is impossible to generalize what a person feels when experiencing out-of-body experience because it differs from the symptoms when suffering from a certain disease.

For people who have a problem with nerves like epilepsy, they can experience out-of-body experience more often but in short duration. But in others, some have never experienced it at all or once in a lifetime.

People feel OBE without planned before. This is what distinguishes this sensation from other spiritual experiences.

Out-of-body experience, myth or real?

The topic of whether out-of-body experience is the real thing or the myth continues to be a debate. Does the person experiencing it really happen physically or just a hallucinatory experience?

In 2014, there was a cognitive awareness study of 101 people who recovered from a heart attack. As a result, 13% of participants felt separate from their own body during the resuscitation process. In addition, the other 7% feel a different perspective than usual.

Not only that, two other participants also claimed to experience such a real experience both in visual and audio terms when a heart attack occurs. But only one participant can describe what description is in detail. The duration of the experience was only about 3 minutes.

Nevertheless, there is still no scientific evidence that supports the sensation of out-body experience.

What triggers out-of-body experience?

The cause of out-of-body experience is still a question mark. However, some things identified could be the trigger:


A very scary or stressful situation will trigger a person's response to feel like they're out of body. He would feel like I was seeing the incident from elsewhere outside his body. In response to this alleged, the research in 2017 mentions that women who are giving birth can feel OBE when childbirth occurs.

However, there are many possible difficult situations that make a person feel this experience. Some mention that OBE is a way to make peace with past trauma, but still need further research.

Medical conditions

There are some medical conditions especially related to mental health can trigger the occurrence of out-of-body experience. Ranging from depression, epilepsy, excessive anxiety, and also brain injuries. Other problems such as migraine, cardiac arrest, and also Guillain-Barré syndrome are referred to as other triggers.

People who experience sleep paralysis can also feel hallucinations and lead to OBE. Disturbance between sleep and wakefulness balance can cause dissociative symptoms as someone leaves his own body,


There is also an out-of-body experience report by someone when under the influence of dope. In addition, the substance of other drugs such as marijuana, ketamine, or LSD can also be a trigger factor.

The presence of extreme physical activity or the condition of a severely dehydrated body, electrically sealed, or excessive brain stimulation can also trigger an out-of-body experience.

Until now, there has been no research mentioning that out-of-body experience can harm one's health. Just that, people who experience it can feel dizzy or disorientation instantaneous.

There are people who just feel out-of-body experience once and never experience it again. But there are also those who feel confused, especially for people with brain problems or mental health. If out-of-body experience is very annoying, consult the experts.
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